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M&M Cleaning

Commercial & Residential Cleaning


"Dear Mandie, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased The Flesh Company is with M&M Cleaning. For years our company has struggled with several different cleaning services that certainly did not live up to their promises. After M&M took over the cleaning of our office, I received numerous compliments from employees about the cleaning service, and let me tell you – that never happened with any of our prior cleaning services! I do recall one compliment in particular that I would like to share, the employee approached me and stated that “the cleaning service ROCKS!!!” Each day when our employees come to the office, they can see and smell that it has been cleaned. Thank you for correcting a long standing issue we have had and for making our office presentable to our employees and visitors. Keep up the great work!" - Tim Bagsby, Director of Operations, The Flesh Company

"I want to reach out to anyone looking for a top notch cleaning service. M&M Cleaning have done an excellent job for my business and my family. They have been cleaning both our homes and my company office for a couple years and I do highly recommend their services. As an owner of a small company, I only refer services that I approve of. Word of mouth goes very far in today’s economy. My experience with M&M has been refreshing. Early, thorough, methodical, detail-oriented, friendly, and honest are a few words that come to mind. They are prompt, professional, and have a sincere attention to detail. I have referred them to other family members as well." -Aaron Specht, Edwardsville, IL

"I am writing this correspondence to inform anyone inquiring that I highly recommend M&M Cleaning for household cleaning services. My husband and I have employed Mandie’s service for over 2 years and are thoroughly pleased. They do a great job. We have a 4000 square foot home in Edwardsville with hardwood floors as well as full carpet upstairs and downstairs. Not to mention a 4 year old son and new born baby boy who are a handful to keep up with our busy schedules. Mandie cleans our home spotless for roughly 3 hours per week and leaves our kitchen exceptionally shiny as we like it. We have done our screening and talked to other cleaning services and are quite pleased with M&M. You should look no further. Warmest Regards." -Andrea J. Hester, Ph.D., Edwardsville, IL

"Mandie is so friendly and trustworthy, I wholeheartedly welcome her into our home! After her first baseline visit, we went through and fine-tuned expectations for future visits. She heard exactly how I liked things, and has worked with me on achieving a consistently beautiful home after every visit without me saying a word. Finding someone good to clean your home is like finding a good therapist. Sometimes it isn’t a good fit, but when it is, your worries disappear! We’re fortunate to have found M&M. She enjoys her business; she enjoys her customers, and it shows in the pride she takes in her work." -Dawn Schulte, Waterloo, IL

"M&M Cleaning has been employed in a custodial capacity by Tripp Co. Creative, Inc. since November 2010 and they have been consistently a pleasure to work with. On a business level they have provided us with a flexible schedule of appointments for which they are constantly prompt and punctual. In regards to level of service they have been maintaining both my house and our offices extremely well with a strong attention to detail. I am not sure what M&M Cleaning requires this letter for, however, upon their request I didn't hesitate to take the opportunity to let someone know how much I appreciate Mandie and her amazing work ethic. I wish M&M Cleaning luck in all of their present and future endeavors. They are truly enjoyable to work with and they would be an asset to anyone considering them in the future. We will continue using their services as long as they'll have us." -Perry Patten, Collinsville, IL

"I would recommend M&M Cleaning. They are dependable and most importantly they do a great job cleaning our house. As a busy family with two working parents it is so wonderful to come home at the end of the day and find the entire house clean and in order. Mandie is completely professional and easy to work with. She keeps a great, detailed schedule so that we know when she will be here to clean. I found her services so valuable I have recommended her to my mom, grandma and two cousins." -Shannon Haney, Columbia, IL

"M&M have been cleaning my house for almost two years. They do a great job (and we have two house cats). Everything is always good smelling, dust free and sparkling clean. Very trustworthy and reliable. Thanks Mandie and crew for a great job." -Sharon Becker, Millstadt, IL

"I am very happy with the cleaning service. I previously used a national cleaning company for years and there is no comparison to the level of detail and personalized service I have received from M&M Cleaning. And, as an added bonus, everyone is so nice to work with! Thanks again, Mandie." -Susan Leahy, Millstadt, IL

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